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ISBN: 9788865425619
Chimneys for Bioclimatic Architecture between Tradition and Innovation
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Edited by Francesca Muzzillo
ISBN 978-88-6542-561-9
Pagine: 176
Anno: 2016
Formato: 15 x 21 cm
Collana: Fabbrica della conoscenza, 70
Supporto: libro cartaceo

This book is the result of the SEEM – Solar Eco-Efficient Envelope Model – research project, financed by the Italian Environment Ministry. The research, scientifically directed by the editor of the book, has been carried out by SUN University in partnership with BENECON scarl and TECN.AV srl. The research project has studied the use of solar chimneys in building envelopes, both as bioclimatic element and possible source of renewable energy mainly in commercial or industrial buildings. Particularly the promotion of solar chimney disposals has started from a comprehensive approach, giving attention not only to the performances but also to the aesthetic value of a chimney, from the tradition towards contemporary innovative experiences.
The interdisciplinary approach has been conducted specially during the experimental construction of a demonstrator prototype of the chimney portion on 1:1 scale, in order to obtain adequate computational fluid dynamics simulations. During the design and the realization of the prototype attention was given to let collaborate specialists who had previously afforded the sustainable chimney with different approaches and results. So the attempt of the book is revealing the overall interest on a convergent project from different perspectives.

Bernardo Buonomo · Monica Cannaviello · Lorenzo Capobianco · Luca Cirillo · Corrado Di Domenico · Caterina Frettoloso · Carmine Gambardella · Oronzio Manca · Francesca Muzzillo · Sergio Nardini · Fosca Tortorelli · Antonella Violano

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