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Le vie dei Mercanti_X Forum Internazionale di Studi
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a cura di Carmine Gambardella
ISBN 978-88-6542-128-4
Pagine: 196
Anno: 2012
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Less, often leads us to reducing considerations and its linguistic application, generally, characterizes a condition of inferiority, decay or deprivation. If we make reference to the scope of our researchers, Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape and to their deeper meanings, and if we use «less» before them we might involve a critic situation, or homologate a century.
An example is from the historical period we are living in, where Western economies are generically dealing with their budgets by cutting down on expenses rather than investing on their own heritage in order to create richness and workplaces.
On the contrary, our Researchers, Scholars, Businessmen and Civil Services Representatives want to use less to promote a shareable cultural reflection about the reduction of the waste of goods (raw materials, human resources, assets). That's why we are going to arrange the X International Forum «Le Vie dei Mercanti». In this perspective Less does not mean less investments or cuts, but to identify a hierarchy of relevant sustainable investment funds based on the search for the know-how.
Less in Architecture, Less in Industrial Design, Less in Landscape subsumes more if we are able to supply regenerative models based on integrated system visions.
Consequently, More research in Architecture, More research in Industrial Design, More research in Landscape if Local Human Resources are set up to create an efficient training education to be involved in the management, protection and regeneration of raw materials and human needs. All along the past editions of the Forum I have drawn people's attention on our heritage as expression of «actual developing» (modernity).
Modernity, in fact, is an integrating part of history, an inexhaustible mine supplying raw materials to the Factory of Know-how which, as mentioned above, must get the same local phisycal geometric connotation as the generative humus about the production of fascinating items for Architecture, Industrial production, Landscape.
The projects our Faculty has dealt with, «Pompei Fabbrica della Conoscenza 0079/2013» or «l'Atlante del Cilento», witness as by sizing tangible and intangible heritage we can give rise to a productive factory aiming at art works and competitive Cultivated products and services.
So, scientific contributions aiming at collecting and spreading out the best practices and paradigmatic sustainable projects about system activities and elaborated in an assembly International dimension, are expected. Such contributions must be useful at enhancing an increasing Research process characterized by a constant learning and a great Know-how passion.

Carmine Gambardella


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