Modernisation and Globalisation (Open Access)

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ISBN: 9788865428153
New Paradigms in Architecture, City, Territory
A cura di Florian Nepravishta, Andrea Maliqari
ISBN 978-88-6542-815-3
Pagine: 470
Anno: 2021
Formato: 22,5 x 24 cm
Collana: Forum for Architecture and Urbanism, 3
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This publication has gathered many leading scientists, scholars, and academic scholars from different countries to exchange and share their experiences and research re-sults on all aspects of Architecture, Urbanism, and Cultural Heritage within the trends of Modernisation and Globali-sation of the XXI century. It also offers an interdisciplinary book that presents and discusses the latest innovations, trends and concerns, practical challenges encountered and adopted solutions for Modernisation and Globalisa-tion in cities and urban settlements.
The book expands the horizon by introducing a series of overlapping visions spanning the recently institutionalised Adriatic - Ionian Euro-region, now extended to the Balkan and Southeast European regions. The research topics are concentrated on Architecture, Urbanism, and Cultural Heritage in contexts and territories that reveal their ten-dencies to Modernisation and Globalisation. Modernisation and Globalisation in Architecture, Urban-ism and Heritage provide a multi-faceted analysis based on the understanding of architects and urban planners working in both developed and developing countries’ tra-ditions. Globalisation is a broad concept concerning the diversity of regions, cultures, and actors and the diversity of analytical approaches that can be employed to study it. During the past decade, notions of globalisation have displaced familiar modernisation discourses.

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